The Death of the United States?

Copyright © 2021 by William Darren Reder

We had a marvelous series of symbolic events occur recently. I'm guessing that virtually everyone missed it – unless you are a Freemason of high rank or "degree," that is.

Where do I begin?

In 2017, Donald J. Trump became President of the United States. Essentially, he became ruler of a kingdom. This upset a great many people – people with powerful friends – friends that knew what he truly symbolically represented. This cadre of contemptibles hated him with a passionate vitriol that has rarely been matched. And yet, to others, he was the last chance – a messiah that would "drain the swamp" of the perpetually mendacious and morally bankrupt political establishment. Trump promised to "Make America Great Again" but that concept was virulently antithetical to the goals of those forces that had worked so long and hard to kill the republic.

Fast forward to the 2020 election. Those powerful friends – a "well-funded cabal of powerful people," as Time Magazine so brazenly put it – arranged to steal the election with massive and blatantly obvious voter fraud. Trump was winning handily until a tremendous influx of mysterious Biden votes just magically appeared all at once in the middle of the night. The nation was effectively "betrayed."

Fast forward again to 01/06/21 – the day the electors were set to certify the winner of the election. Conveniently, a massive crowd of Trump supporters allegedly "stormed" the Capitol, even though representatives inside were trying to legally object to the certification of several states. Who benefits in such a situation? Obviously, it is the candidate that is the focus of the objection, of course. Left-wing provocateurs were carefully embedded in the crowd and it was they who led the ignominious and ill-named "insurrection," conveniently abetted by people in police uniforms waving and directing the hapless and wayward crowd up to the steps. It was all theater for the masses, a staged event, a false flag perpetrated by...who? It doesn't really matter. All that matters is the aftermath. Purely out of fear and not the rule of law, Biden was certified the winner early the following morning. It was the morning of 1/7, the 7th day of the year and seen symbolically as 1|7 or 17 – the 7th prime.

Big deal? Well, 7 is the number of vengeance. When Cain killed his brother, Abel, he was banished to the east of Eden and provided a mark to serve as a warning to others not to kill him (although precisely what others is not specified), lest they receive vengeance sevenfold. It was at the very end of the 7th day of Creation, I believe, that virtually all life on the planet was destroyed by the Great Flood – an event that began on the 17th day of the 2nd month and ended on the 17th day of the 7th month (again, more markers of vengeance). Remember a day to the “Lord” is as a thousand years to man (2 Peter 3:8 Psalm 90:4). From the time The Adam was created sometime on the 6th day to the point of the Great Flood was approximately 1,656 years. One thousand of those years were taken by the 7th day of rest – the years of the long-lived patriarchs when the “god” was noticeably absent. Since we don’t know how much of the 6th day was left following The Adam’s creation, it is very possible that the alleged “god” decided to destroy its creation near the end of its day of rest or perhaps just after. Seventeen, the 7th prime, is also a number that was rife throughout 9/11 – yet another day of vengeance and a topic discussed at great length in The Masters of the Mirror: Ark of the Apocalypse.

But, alas, I digress.

One of the most puzzling aspects centered around Trump's action – or rather, inaction – following the election. If I was the president and I possessed all the evidence of voter fraud that Trump's lawyers claimed to have had and the courts refused to review, I would have put it all together and presented it to the American people. Let them decide. He didn't do that. Hell, a veritable mountain of evidence of voter fraud was brought to the White House by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell several days before the inauguration (a video of his evidence exists online). Still, Trump's advisors dismissed it. Why not even attempt to make his case? Ultimately, he offered no real defense. Pay attention, boys and girls, because this is important.

Please note: your opinions about the way I am framing this sequence of events are entirely irrelevant. All that matters is the symbolism they provide and the true meaning of why they happened.

Thirty–three days after Biden was certified and on the 40th day of the year, two seemingly unrelated events occurred on the very same day – 02/09/2021. First, Da Vinci's Last Supper was reopened to the public inside the refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy. The Last Supper, of course, supposedly reflects the events of Christ's last supper with his disciples. And, for the second event, somebody launched a Trident ballistic missile from the ocean off the Florida coast – very close, relatively speaking, to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. It proceeded downrange some 5,200 miles to a reentry area just to the east of Ascension Island. Strangely, the U.S. Navy allegedly never issued a press release about this launch and it waited until the next day before confirming it came from one of their Ohio-class SSBN boomers.

"Big deal!" you say?

Quite simply, what we basically witnessed was yet another echo of the crucifixion of Christ to be added to the myriad of examples revealed in my books.

"Huh?" you ask.

In my 4th book, Veil of Evil, I attempt to explain that Trump was playing the role of a mirror or "anti" Christ. This does not mean what you think it means. It merely means that he has been saddled with enduring several reflective elements that also defined the life of Christ but which are forced to replay in a mirrored manner.

Allow me to explain.

* Like Christ, Trump was seen as a messianic figure in that it was hoped he would save the nation created in the image of Christ (the fact that the U.S. was created in the image of Christ is proven in my books).

* Trump's supporters – his disciples – were primarily the Christian right.

* Like Christ, Trump was hated by the elite or people in power.

* Like Christ, Trump was betrayed by people closest to him.

This time, however, instead of the leader dying on the cross or, more importantly, "on the crossing," the nation created in the image of Christ would die. This "crucifixion" took place when the Trump supporters allegedly stormed the Capitol. You see, the Capitol resides on a hill, just like Golgotha ("the place of the skull"), and it is located "on the crossing" – the center crossing dividing the streets of Washington, D.C. This took place 33 days after Trumps fate was sealed when Biden was certified winner of the election. The number 33 refers to the alleged age of Christ when he died. Years becomes days. Christ's fate was sealed at his birth when he was slated to die for his people, which is traditionally thought to have been when he was 33 years of age, although I believe Christ actually died at 46 years of age, 33 years after coming of age – another subject discussed in my books – which provides a link to the 46th president, Biden, and yet another mirror reflection. Trump's people would be carried to the crossing for the symbolic death of the nation created in Christ's image. Everything is playing in reverse. The reopening of the Last Supper leads to the crucifixion 33 days earlier.

It gets better.

The launch and "ascension" of the unarmed and effectively neutered Trident missile – representative of the masculine – with a destination of Ascension Island on the 40th day of the year symbolically replays the ascension of Christ 40 days after his resurrection.

Take heed. This is how the Freemasonic cabal communicates – not directly with words but indirectly with deeds.

This is but a brief example of how the mirrors in time replay and how you constantly miss and dismiss them. You can believe what I say or not. It is irrelevant. You cannot escape the fate provided. The United States died on the crossing just like Christ died on the crossing. It is the newest scapegoat in this unchangeable replay and the time of vengeance is upon us...