Veil of Evil

Are You Ready to Lift the Veil?

What if we made a single reversal of roles in the biblical narrative of the Fall in Eden? What if "Good" was actually "Evil"? Would truth be revealed and questions be answered, or would Destiny's doppelgänger once again arise and ensure that the attainment of sacred knowledge causes mankind to fall?

This is the story of a being named A-dam, both "in the beginning" and then, much later, at the end. Shackled inside a "body," divided into 3 parts and eventually thrown to Earth, he's forced to figure out a world that is nothing more than a horrible hall of mirrors. Blamed for an ancient crime of which he has no memory, a terrifying sequence of events is set in motion to help him remember. His "heavenly hosts" prefer to teach their captive soul through the torturous experience of actually living the message. A-dam must use all of his wits in his struggle to comprehend the tempestuous sea of symbolism in which he has been immersed. Will the wisdom won be enough to secure his coveted freedom or is it all nothing more than a twisted tease?

From beginning to end, mirror events have been skillfully woven throughout this book. Even its very layout betrays these reflective elements, with the first half being set in the past and taking the form of a rhythmic narrative poem while the last half is set in the present and written in standard prose. Everything is adeptly designed to completely immerse the reader in a mystical menagerie of mirrors.

Step through the looking glass and enjoy a sublimely intelligent and genre-bending ride. Whether you like science fiction, history, mystery, metaphysical, philosophy, semiotics, religion, science, poetry, or mythopoeia, there's a little something for all. You see, this is a story about us – all mankind – and the quixotic quest for the ultimate secret – the sacred knowledge of why we are here. For this book, my friends, is the Apple from the Garden of Eden – the forbidden fruit from long ago that once again doth haunt and beckon.

Do you dare take a bite? Do you dare attempt to awaken and lift the Veil of Evil that shrouds our world???