"There was a Darkness Over All the Earth"

Copyright © 2021 by William Darren Reder

The common narrative rides again.

In an earlier blog post, I told the story of the true meaning of the "insurrection" at the Capitol. This included the subsequent reopening of da Vinci's Last Supper and the strange launch of a Trident missile off the Florida coast with a destination of Ascension Island on the very same day – 33 days after the Capitol chaos and on the 40th day of the year. I revealed that all of this was a mirrored repeat of the crucifixion of Christ with the insurrection and a subsequent ascension with the launch of the missile.

It was an incredible assertion, especially to those not familiar with my research. It likely seemed laughable. However, more evidence has come to light to lend credence to the presence of this symbolic soliloquy patiently playing in the background.

So, did a Christ-like crucifixion take place "on the Crossing" when the Capitol endured an ill-named "insurrection?" Just look at the words, boys and girls. What was it that Christ provided that ultimately allegedly saves Christians? That's right, his "resurrection." Now, we are being bombarded with the word, "insurrection." They both seek a form of rebirth, do they not? This is how the mirrors in time work, my friends. Roles are reversed yet the same events play again and again.

But that's not the most haunting element – and I do literally mean "haunting." You see, when Christ died, the tripartite synoptic gospels speak of darkness befalling the entire world from the 6th to the 9th hours. If what I state is true and we did relive the story of Christ's crucifixion, then naturally, that very important piece of the narrative MUST also be present.

But the world didn't go dark, did it?

Pay attention, my sleepy brethren. The following is extremely important.

On 01/24/2021 – just a scant 4 days after Biden's inauguration and ON THE FIRST SUNDAY – the lights mysteriously went out that bathe the Washington Monument at night. The excuse was a faulty timeclock.

This event SCREAMS with symbolism.

While I do not have the time or space to adequately explain here, both the Washington Monument and the Sun (which is what Sunday is named after) represent God the Father or mankind itself – the realm of "Two Parts." Turning out the lights on the monument was symbolically the same as the world going dark at Christ's crucifixion. You will need to read my books or watch my videos to learn more.

But what does the timeclock failing have to do with it?

Quite simply, at the most basic, that is the function of the Washington Monument. It is a giant clock, a sundial. Esoterically, however, it's much more. To learn about that, we first must take a trip back in time.

The first cornerstone-laying ceremony for the Washington Monument took place on 4 Jul 1848 – the 72nd anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

Big deal?


Due to the Earth's tilt of 23.44°, a condition known as “precession” occurs in which the Sun appears to drop back against the zodiac one degree every 72 years. The Washington Monument shows us that this is analogous to the “heartbeat” of the planet. You see, incredibly, thanks to the fractal iteration present within the environment, the average human heart rate is 72 beats per minute at rest (depending on age and other factors).

Seventy-two beats per minute and 72 years per degree.

Amazingly, a single beat takes 5° on the clock and 72 of those equate to 360°. Likewise, 5° of precession takes 360 years and 72 of those form the full circle of 25,290 years.

The meaning is clear. We now have a correlation between human time and stellar time – between the fractal echoes of mankind and the planet itself. Put simply, with but a single beat per year, this means that one minute of human time equates to one year of stellar or "divine" time. The Washington Monument, therefore, is simply a giant number ONE, which can be proven by the fact that it exoterically seeks to honor the first president. Its hidden link with time itself is the simple fact that it serves as a giant sundial – the male counterpart to the feminine hourglass and the solar analemma.

Consequently, since one minute on Earth corresponds to one year to the gods, and since there are 1,440 minutes per day, obviously, there are 1,440 divine years per Earth day. Could this be what is meant in 2 Peter 3:8, which states: "...one day is with the Lord as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day”?

Again, the importance of the Washington Monument goes beyond just the United States. It refers to all mankind on this planet just as Adam, the alleged first human, means mankind (and also "ruddy" or "red).

Intriguingly, after reaching around 176 feet (including the 26 feet of masonry installed by the Know-Nothing Party that was later removed), construction was halted in the mid-1850s for various reasons. The erection continued with another stone-laying ceremony being held on 7 Aug 1880. The capstone was set on 6 Dec 1884. Note, the last two digits of the year the project started, 48, and the year of its completion, 84, are mirrors – 48|84.

The most likely esoteric reason for the halt in building the monument was because the construction of the second feminine Capitol dome began in 1855, coincidentally the same time that the erection ceased on the Washington Monument. The Capitol dome symbolizes the feminine and the feminine is normally needed to attain an erection for a male. Yes, this is all just a big fertility ritual.

It is very important to understand that the laying of the first cornerstone of the Washington Monument took place 666 weeks prior to the American Civil War. The Capitol was completely domeless when Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated in 1861. The new Capital dome was topped by the “Statue of Freedom” – a feminine goddess of war – on 2 Dec 1863. The South was winning the war up to that point. Afterward, the tide shifted. Precisely 500 days after the statue was placed, even Lincoln himself would be dead.

Lincoln’s death – and the location of his death – was a very careful message. Lincoln represented the male world and his cowardly murder from behind in a theater was a fractal echo of the coming death of mankind from an unseen force while being distracted by the theater of a false reality. Look around, boys and girls. Virtually our entire existence is dominated by the theater of a false reality.

Now, if you want some really hidden secrets, continue reading. The following was taken from my video on the symbolism of unicorns. It regards the true meaning of the "cornerstone."

What is a corner? Quite simply, it is a place where two lines or edges meet to form an angle. If those lines were to continue onward in the same direction, it would represent the point of a crossing. Symbolically, this represents the location of an accident, a great battle, a violent clash, a crucifixion. Every intersection or crossing contains 4 corners, just as a simple traditional house has 4 corners. Pay attention, boys and girls, because those 4 outward corners of a room or a house in the physical world are mirrored inwardly and form a single point – a "singularity", if you will – the point of a crossing. Our crossing. It is the location of our entry into the physical world. At the site of that momentous meeting, there is a single symbolic monument placed to honor that grand crossing and it is known as a cornerstone. The symbolism is such that the cornerstone seeks to unite the walls or the opposing points of view that became divided upon entry into this world. It marks the solidification in physical form of the spiritual element which crossed over during our birth. That which is formed is created in the image of itself. That is why the cornerstone is the enigmatic starting point for every official or governmental edifice. It marks the image of its parent. It is the base upon which the rest of the structure depends – the one element that provides unity. It is of such critical importance because the cornerstone represents the soul. As such, the Freemasons honor its placement by performing an elaborate "binding" ceremony using oil, wine and corn.

Wine, of course, represents those bitter tannins that stain and the blood of the time of the harvest – it represents the original form of our souls which somebody believes is evil or "stained." This hypothetical harvest is honored once a month or "once a cycle" in women when the "body and blood" flows and it was represented in the story of Christ with the bread and wine ritual of the Eucharist.

Corn, on the other hand, represents a time when women become like men and men like women – that grand mirrored role reversal or joining – which is also linked to the harvest. It represents what we will become – the completion of the sacred transformation process – the conquering of our souls.

But what does oil mean?

The anointing of oil is a form of consecration. However, it's a little more complicated than that and the true symbolic meaning has become deliberately confused and corrupted over time.

Haven't you ever wondered about the two forms of anointing being performed in the Bible? There's the more traditional version that uses fats or oils and then there's the messianic movement's version called "baptism" that uses water. Intriguingly, these two elements are mirror opposites, both in form and function. After all, oil and water don't mix. Water is used to cleanse and wash away while oil is used to seal, mask and lock away. The former is a form of uncovering truth while the latter represents the depth of deception.

At its most basic, oil represents the physical world while water would best betray the spiritual realm. The spiritual is sealed or locked away by the oil in the cornerstone laying ceremony just like our souls are locked behind a ribcage – imprisoned within our bodies. This supposition would tend to be confirmed by the fact that oil floats on the surface of water, symbolically attempting to mask it. Oil is also a non-polar molecule, which means there is no difference in electronegativity, thus making it "in balance" and obeying the immutable "justice" of the physical world, where every action is offset by an equal and opposite reaction. Water, on the other hand, is a polar molecule, making it inherently out-of-balance and the perfect representative of the hidden divine realm that lies at the heart of everything – the image from which everything is based. This image produces a one-third / two-thirds split which also necessarily defines the separation of the physical and spiritual realms, respectively, just as water itself is defined by a one third / two-thirds split (2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen). For more information on this latter aspect, you will need to see my other videos or read my books. In the end, we find that water and oil are akin to the concepts of Good and Evil, respectively – two mutually-exclusive philosophies that can never mix – and, as such, help carry us back to the events in Eden – back to the point of when the waters were divided by the symbolic oil of Heaven.

In any event, the bottom line is that this provides yet more proof to my assertion that the United States was indeed crucified and is, in fact, dead. As if to verify this analysis, on 03/01/2021, the Supreme Court denied 3 cases brought by former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell regarding the Arizona and Wisconsin election results. The fact that these cases were summarily denied isn't the most troubling aspect. It was the curtness, the brevity, the economy of communication, that was most disturbing. They simply stated, "The petitions for writs of mandamus are denied." No reason. No explanation. We the People are not worth the effort. They didn't even bother to manufacture a poorly-crafted excuse as they had in the past, such as, "lack of standing" (in a national election, EVERYONE has standing). This was a blanket dismissal typically associated with despotic tyrants and third-world regimes that bury their heads in the sand and ignore the people.

A time of darkness is upon us...