The Masters of the Mirror: Ark of the Apocalypse

Dreams. Cryptic messages are carefully embedded in a mutated matrix of characters and situations and forcefully presented to us in our unconscious state. Our minds are effectively held hostage to the nocturnal narrative playing within.

Intriguingly, the dualistic nature of reality demands that if we dream while asleep, we must also dream while awake. If we are a hostage in the former, we must also be a hostage of the latter. In other words, our waking world is actually nothing more than a dream - a dream that hides a haunting message.

Sound impossible? What if we could prove it? What if we were to closely examine the symbolism around us? Would we find corroboration in the mournful missives meandering in our midst?

Join me on the most incredible, mind-bending journey of your entire life. We will meld the divisive worlds of religion and science into a cohesive mix as we attempt to satiate our unquenchable thirst for the ultimate understanding: why we are here. Along the way, we will learn the true meaning of major events, like the Moon landings and 9/11. We will analyze the symbolism around us and reveal the esoteric intimations, the secreted science, and the frighteningly astonishing lost story hiding in the Holy Bible. We will witness how mirror events in time conspire to play and replay that lost story over and over again. And, finally, we will uncover the terrifying truth of our eternal existence as prisoners and playthings of the maleficent...Masters of the Mirror.